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Experience Uohachi’s Heart-felt Hospitality

Royal Hotel Uohachi, located in Toyota city of Aichi prefecture, is a full-service premium business hotel that offers complete comfort (group accommodation/luncheon/banquet/meeting/). Not only that, but we can host banquets of over 100 guests.

We guarantee that our hotel will make your visit something special.

Our hotel is close to Toyota IC on the Tomei Expressway, and we have a parking lot for all types of buses. Guests who have traveled far are welcome to stay at our hotel.

Royal Hotel Uohachi offers complete lodging facilities and colorful events with heartwarming ambiance to serve our customer's needs.
Our founder, a former chef, wanted to share his creations with a wider audience and provide a comfortable place to relax - Royal Hotel Uohachi was born.

Our kitchen is our most important section - we have first-class chefs that attentively perform all duties from selection of ingredients to final presentation for any occasion including private, business, group or wedding events.

Joy, touching memories, and new beginnings - Royal Hotel Uohachi is honored to host these special moments.

For Your Complete Convenience

  • ・AED Device
  • ・Wheelchair Loan (1 chair)
  • ・Barrier-Free Restrooms
  • ・Allergy-Safe Meals Available

※Please contact us if you have any concerns about convenience or safety during your stay.


Free Services at Royal Hotel Uohachi

  • ・International Breakfast Buffet(6:30~8:30)
  • ・Free Outdoor Parking (Large-sized car will be charged)
  • ・Free Event Hall Use (2 hours)
  • ・Shuttle Bus (request only)

Complete Facilities & Convenient Nearby Services

  • ・Separate Men’s and Women’s Baths (group reservation available)
  • ・Meeting and Training Rooms (small, medium and large)
  • ・Party for the venue, facilities equipped such as banquet hall
  • ・Convenience Stores, Restaurants and Pharmacy Within 5 Minute Walk
    (Coupons for Local Restaurants)

Guidance of facility


MENBER’S Point Card

“You can get one of these three with 60P!”

  • ①Save 3,000yen on accommodation
  • ②Get a 1000yen gift certificate
  • ③Choose your gift based on the amount of accumulated points
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Easy Access to Tourist Sites

Nabana no Sato & Nagashima Resort
(30 minutes)
Anjo Denpark
(40 minutes)
Flower Festival Commemorative Park
(40 minutes)Kani, Gifu
Nagashima “Joyful Waterpark” Jumbo Seawater Pool
(30 minutes)
Hamamatsu Flower Park
(50 minutes)Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Moricoro Park / Aichi Expo Memorial Park
(30 minutes)
Toyota Tourist Yana Fishing Platforms Aichi Farm
(Local Streets / Highway / est. 10 minutes)

Are you in need of a decent place for meeting, party, or other events? Leave that to us!
We are also capable of taking care guests with food allergies.


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Access Map

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Do You Have A Point Card?

Use 60 points for a¥3000 discount!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions

  • TEL:(0565) 28-7700
  • E-mail Contact Form

Royal Hotel Uohachi
〒471-0849 Aichi-ken, Toyota-shi, Miyama-cho 2-14-1